"Drawn to the women's sense of peace and contentment, I quietly approached and circled her. As we faced each other, her hands opened up and drew me to their center. She literally held healing in the palms of her hands."

Healings Hands | Embodied Spirit & Light

S I N U S ▽ S O O T H E R__Mmmmmhm, you
Your sanctuary awaits
Quantum mechanics says when you acknowle
☽ ☽ She addressed her world honestly, se
A U T H E N T I C I T Y ☽__Is the alignm
S T A G N A T I O N ◯__I believe our pai
M A S S A G E ☽ M O N D A Y__You know th
S a c r e d ◯  S p a c e__Within the wal
D E E P ☽ R O O T S_“Deep in their roots
It may be cold outside,_but there’s plen
I honor my body’s wisdom by trusting the
H E A L I N G ☽_-_“A healer does not hea
Healing yourself is connected with healing others. #YokoOno_._._